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Continuing Education Requirements for Florida Contractors


Florida Contractor Requirements -
Florida Contractor Continuing Education statute 61G4-18: Each person who is certified or registered by the board must, as a condition of each renewal of the certificate or registration, obtain at least 14 hours of continuing education in one or more courses from a continuing education provider approved by the board. All registered contractors and all certified contractors are required to complete at least one hour of workplace safety, one hour of business practices, one hour of workers' compensation, one hour of advanced building code and one hour of laws & rules regulating the construction industry as part of the 14 hours of required continuing education for license renewal.
Additionally contractors holding General, Building, Roofing, Residential, Specialty Structure, or Glass and Glazing licenses must also include one hour of Wind Mitigation as part of their 14 hour requirement. Contractors that do not fall in the above categories may count wind mitigation methodologies courses towards general or elective credit.

* Workplace safety - 1 hour
* Worker's Compensation - 1 hour
* Business Practices - 1 hour
* Advanced Code - 1 hour
* Laws & Rules - 1 hour
* Wind Mitigation - 1 hour
* Elective or General Courses - 8 hours

Pinellas County Specialty Contractor Requirements -
All licensed specialty contractors are required to provide proof of fourteen (14) hours board-approved continuing education each biennium (odd numbered calendar years) prior to the renewal of their license. "At least one hour must deal with each of the following:

* Workplace safety
* Worker's Compensation
* Business Practices
* Advanced Code
* Laws & Rules regulating the construction industry
* Wind Mitigation (if a specialty structure or a glass and glazing contractor)

In addition to the six required hours above an additional eight hours are courses of your choice.

Pinellas County specialty contractors can use any continuing education provider approved by the State of Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board to obtain their continuing education credits. Our Florida Construction Contractor Continuing Education Provider number is #0004969

For additional information on Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board continuing education requirements, please click here. For useful links provided by the Pinellas County Licensing Board.

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