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GC Florida General Contractors Continuing Education

Do you dread another cycle of required general contractor continuing education? .... More of the same classes, same topics....

Is this you as you think of attending another “live CE seminar?”

Frustrated GC thinking about general contractor continuing education

Think of the time you drive to the live general contractor CE seminar location - the expense of gasoline, restaurant food and some GC's even have the added expense to stay overnight at a hotel. Also consider the environmental effects of driving your vehicle to the seminar location - your use of fossil fuels and the effects of pollution.

Remember your last GC continuing education seminar? Was it offered at a time convenient to you? Were you comfortable while sitting in your chair? Was the room temperature too hot – too cold? Were others participants talking on their cell phones, playing games or causing other disruptions?

General contractor sitting in CE classroom with other GC participants

You have a choice – obtain your 14 hours of continuing education online.

You control everything;

* The date and time when you take the class – as little or as much time as you desire
* No disruption from others while they talk, play or cause other distractions
* Save money on fuel, food and hotel expense
* Reduce your environmental impact
* Relax in your office, home or where ever it is convenient for you to log-on with your computer
* Classes are offered with audio narration and/or written format – no endless reading required.

GC happily studying general contractor continuing education courses

Review our contractor continuing education course catalog to see the list of courses we offer. A detailed description is also provided. Not like some of the competition that only have generic or ambiguous titles - you don't know what the instructor will discuss when you take one of their courses.

Check it out - look on the left upper side of the page for....Course Catalog...or click here to see the courses and descriptions....

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