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Photos of Safety / Construction Defects / Code Violations


The following image photos are available for you to use royalty free on your website to help contractors and others from repeating the same mistakes. These photo images are not available for re-sale or trading.

However we do ask for you to place a link on your web page, blog, or news feed linking to this site www.florida-contractor-continuing-education.com

The images are in a low resolution and small size. If you need a larger size or resolution please email us the page the link appears on your website, blog or news feed and we will be happy to email you the image. Also most of our images are available in portrait view - again email us the proof of the link and we will email them to you.

Two workers were killed and four were seriously injured
while pouring cement on the third floor.
 Image-Building collapse defective cement pour - construction continuing education reduces these disasters
Up to 30 workers were present when formwork failed.
 image-closer view of building collapse - online construction continuing education reduces these accidents
This collapse occurred on a $7.1 million project. Hope
the prime contractor and the subcontractor had
workers' compensation insurance?
 image up close of building collapse - construction continuing education classes online will reduce these accidents
 No Fall Protection on the edge of floor
 No Fall Protection at Edge of Floor on a High Rise Construction Site
 Check out the material hoist
 Unsafe hoist at a construction site
 Do you think the shoring will hold if a truck rolls by?
 Improper shoring to support a truck on the road next to the construction pit
A possible way to cull the human species?

Guess the local building officials don't worry about
lawsuits and trust that people will not play or touch
the wires.
 Don't touch the live wires as you walk on the beach sidewalk - a shocking example of poor electrical work

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