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Course Catalog - Contractor Continuing Education


Workplace Safety and How It Affects You

Contractor thinks about his continuing education class in safety

1 hour Workplace Safety* - Course #0608575
The student learns why and when accidents occur. Various theories are discussed as to the causes and timing of these events. The student will learn about the economic costs and the types & frequency of the most common job site injuries. OSHA requirements including recordkeeping are discussed. An optional example “Tail Gate Safety Meeting” is provided with a group discussion & outline about ladder safety.

Workers Compensation Insurance and the Florida Construction Industry

As a contractor remembers his continuing education course in workers compensation insurance while he fills out a injury claim form

1 hour Workers’ Comp* - Course #0608578
The course participants will learn why Florida ranks high in the cost of Workers Compensation Insurance, and the common myths & realities of WC, including penalties for both employer & employee.

The course will cover Stop Work Orders, the benefits from the Division of Workers’ Compensation website and how the cost of your premium is calculated. This is followed by cost control strategies to help you save money on your premiums.

Finally the students will learn about their responsibilities when they hire subcontractors, the eligibility for exemptions of coverage, and how employee travel or social activities may impact your cost of WC.

The Laws & Rules Governing the Florida Contractor

Image for continuing education course Florida Contractors Laws & Rules

1 hour Laws and Rules* - Course #0608572
Course participants will gain knowledge of the statutes & administrative rules that governs their profession. The course reduces the legalese by using a question & answer format to make the topic easier to read and understand. Finally, a minimum & maximum penalty table is provided to allow the course learner to easily find or cross-reference the particular statute or rule and the applicable penalty.

The Florida Home and Effects from Wind Storms & Hurricanes

Wind whipped palm tree representing Wind Mitigation continuing education course

1 hour Wind Mitigation* - Course #0608577
The course will discuss wind, its behavior and how it affects a single family home. The Florida Contractor will learn about the importance of anchoring, connections & fasteners, the new rules & codes that affect both new and existing home in the goal of mitigating wind damage.

Course participants will learn what to observe on and under the roof to prevent problems and prepare for the inevitable storm with powerful winds. Next they will learn about the new rules for roof installations and re-roofs, and how to protect windows & doors.

Bidding for Maximum Return

Continuing education course to learn to Bid more Profitably and Efficiently

2 hours – Business Practice*  - Course #0608571
Every project has an optimum bid that in the long run will result in the maximum profit when competitively bid and you will be able to better attain this goal after completing this course. You will learn what, when, and how often to make a bid with higher probabilities of making larger profits than in the past. You will learn if it is better to bid lower or bid more often and the tools used in this decision making process. Finally you will learn how to establish your bidding efficiency.

Deciphering Your Overhead, Profit, Markup & Margins

This continuing education course explains the difference between margins and markups and how they relate to PROFITS

2 hours Business Practice* - Course #0608573
Every contractor needs to understand how to establish, and then maintain or change the correct markup for their company.

What is markup and markup margins? How about gross margin and net margin? What about gross profit and net profit? What are their differences and why are they important?

Does your overhead affect your markup and profit? When will you break even and how many dollars of sales will it take to achieve?

You will learn mathematical formulas to calculate markup, margins, gross and net profit, and to find out what it takes to break even. You should come away with an understanding of how your markup, overhead, and profit are interrelated. Finally you will be able to establish the correct markup for your company and to be more profitable.

Improving Job Site Productivity

A contractor continuing education course to improve job site productivity

2 hours General - Course #0608574)
Course participants will learn management techniques to increase productivity and measure & track output.

The benefits of job cost system measurements will be discussed and sample forms will be provided.

Additionally, performance management procedures together with ways to implement and track their performance will be provided.

Time Management – Getting ‘er Done

Continuing education course discussing time management techniques

3 Hours General - Course #0608576
Construction managers & supervisors who sometimes feel overwhelmed with the demands of their job will learn
to analyze, manage and use their time more wisely. They will learn when they are procrastinating, determine why, and then use techniques to overcome this negative behavior. They will find out how to better identify goals, prioritize activities, and then create the optimum “to-do” lists or schedules. Next they will gain knowledge of ways to identify unnecessary interruptions and to manage the causes of them. Course participants will learn ways to motivate themselves and to remain inspired. Finally, the student will be able to identify the causes of stress, discover the benefits of a stress journal, and stress management techniques to reduce job burnout.

Advanced Florida Building Code Principles (Internet Course)

Permits issued with less problems who complete continuing education required for Florida General Contractos

1 Hour Advanced Code - #0608881
The course will provide an overview of the Florida Statutes Chapter 553 regarding; the Florida Building Code, the Florida Building Commission, licensee accountability, permits, inspections and enforcement. These areas are reviewed from the viewpoint of the Statutes effects on the typical Florida contractor.


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